Social Media Was Never This Simple In WordPress

Save 10 Minutes Everyday 

Is Simple To Set Up And Easy To Use

Manage All Of Your Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest Profiles With Ease

Save Hours Every Week

Save hours posting your content to your social profiles. Posting is an easy 2 click process.

Increase Engagement

Generate more engagement by sending more content to more profiles. With each new post your audience will be able to interact more with your business.

Easy Management

Managing multiple profiles can be difficult and time consuming. Manage all your profiles for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in one simple plugin.

Post To Social Networks In Just 2 Steps

Step 1: Choose The Platform 

Simply choose the platform (Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest) that you want to send a post. Then choose the exact social profile that you want to send your content. When you have chosen where to send the post, click "Post to Social."

This will automatically detect the Title, Description, and Image that was set for the profile.

Step 2: Preview and Post

Preview your post before it is published.

The image and description will appear. You will be given the opportunity to add a message before it is sent out.

Once everything is ready, click "Post to Twitter", "Post to Facebook", or "Pin to Pinterest" depending on the platform that you setup.

What's Inside The Plugin?

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Manage Unlimited Profiles

Do you run multiple Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn profiles? Managing all of them can be challenging and using enterprise platforms can cost hundreds of dollars per month. With this plugin you can add all of your social profiles for your business in one location directly on Wordpress. Avoid the hassle of logging in and out of each profile to share your content.

Perfect Images Every Time

Images are great for attracting attention and getting people to read your content, but the image sizes you use in Wordpress posts don’t work very well on Facebook or Twitter.

Included is a simple resizing tool that scales images to the appropriate size for both Facebook and Twitter. This removes the need to get multiple image sizes for each platform.


I have seen so many social media plugins and tools that there is very little that is new to me. Yet, NinjaNerd Social Media stands out from the crowd. Instead of being filled with a 100 features that I don't need and promising the moon, it focuses on the basics and gets them just right! This way I can focus on my content while the plugin takes care of publishing to all my social outlets the way I want it.

Asim Bawany Agency Owner

Easy Reporting

Keeping track of what content you posted to which profile can become almost impossible. NinjaNerd Social Media Premium makes reporting and tracking easy. Inside the plugin you will be able to filter the report by social platform or profile to see where all of your content has been posted.

Scheduling Made Easy

You can schedule your posts to automatically send with NinjaNerd Social Media Premium. 

Autopost to your social profiles immediately after your content was scheduled to be published, at specific intervals, or at a specific day and time. Your old content will no longer be forgotten.

This is a great plugin! It is straight forward and super easy to use. The reporting function makes tracking across multiple platforms efficient and the built-in resizing tool is really handy. I'd highly recommend this plugin for teams or individuals who are looking to scale processes and become more efficient.

Katie Beck

Marketing Automation Specialist

One thing I hate is when there seems to be so many steps to something that should be super simple. My goal is to always work smarter and not harder. NinjaNerd helps me stay true to that statement. What NinjaNerd provides is literally a two step process that allows me to save time and still get the quality look that I want. Time is money, and if I can save time then I'm making money.

Angel Diaz

Digital Marketer

Be A Content Creator

Why spend your time doing anything else?  

NinjaNerd says "I don't trip and fall. I attacked the floor and I believe I am winning."